Traverse our rock walls! We offer free climb time as well as classes and teams.

Whether your child is a beginner looking for their first competitive experience or they aspire to reach the highest level the sport can offer, we have a program for you!

Rock Climbing Teams at GHYMCA

rock climbing

Kids and teens ages 5+ are welcome to join our competitive climbing team, the Mountain Lions!

We believe that climbing is one of the greatest overall body conditioning activities in which your child can be involved. Mental discipline, in addition to the obvious physical benefits, prepares these young athletes to become confident, capable, young adults with lifetime skills such as time management, dedication, understanding how to overcome fear and defeat, and the ability to handle disappointment. In this age of high-tech instant gratification, teaching children how to accept delayed gratification for the attainment of a worthy ideal is challenging. Being involved in Farmington Valley YMCA’s competitive program will offer the opportunity to learn personal discipline and to gain tremendous self-confidence as they set and achieve their goals.

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