Check in for your Virtual YMCA Visits!

Your check-ins help the Y with insurance reimbursements

To our Silver Sneakers and Renew Active members: The YMCA works with insurance companies who provide Silver Sneakers and Renew Active to ensure members continue to stay active and healthy both in person and virtually. 

When you visit us in person and you scan in at the Welcome Center, we are able to report your visit, and your insurance company reimburses the Y with a payment. This reimbursement allows us to offer resources and provide a quality experience.

Use our virtual check in form to help us track your success taking virtual classes and share the good news with your insurance company.

All you need to do is visit this page whenever you do one of our classes, and log your activity. You can participate in any of the activities listed below, which all count as a YMCA activity. Any other exercising is wonderful for your health, but will not count towards our reimbursement, so just enjoy and don't worry about entering your information! 

Whenever you do a virtual class from one of the links listed below, please fill out BOTH forms to the right:

  1. The Daxko Virtual Check In is a virtual way of swiping your keytag. It's as if you were at the Welcome Center! Just type in the number on the back of your YMCA keytag and you're all set! Once you hit "next," our homepage will show up in the box. That means you successfully "checked in"!
  2. Our Senior Activity Log records what program you did, so that if the insurance company checks in on what they are reimbursing us for, we have a record of it.

If you need assistance with virtual check-in, please call your branch for assistance. Locate my branch