Below are examples of how Annual Campaign contributions can impact your community:

  • $75 - Youth Sports—the chance for a child to build confidence, learn skills and make new friends in a fun-filled, challenging season.
  • $150 - Safety Around Water—an opportunity for two children to learn this valuable life-saving skill and life-long, healthy activity through a session of swim lessons.
  • $260 - YMCA Day Camp—a chance for a child to experience adventure and make memories for one week.
  • $300 - After School Care—a safe place to complete homework and participate in enrichment activities for one month.
  • $350 - Achievers—one year in a teen program that builds character, teaches teamwork, and reinforces service to others.
  • $420 - Senior Membership—access for one year for a senior to connect with new friends and improve their health.
  • $500 - LIVESTRONG® at the YMCA—12 weeks of group health and fitness programming, sharing, and support for an adult cancer survivor.
  • $1,200 - YMCA Youth & Government—the opportunity to prepare a teen for community and civic leadership through one year of service and teamwork.
  • $2,000 - YMCA Resident Camp—two weeks of resident camp with outdoor education and character building.
  • $6,000 - Preschool education—A half year of preschool education for a child in need in a positive and values-based environment.