Private and semi-private swim lessons are designed for people who want to have a more personal learning experience.

Whether students are looking to learn on an accelerated timetable, learn better 1-on-1, can't fit any of the scheduled classes in, or have a disability, we are here to work with you!

Private Swim Lessons

Private Swim Lessons

Private lessons allow for accelerated learning due to the one-on-one student-to-teacher ratio. We offer a variety of packages and payment options. Please fill out the linked form and bring it to your Welcome Center.

Semi Private Swim Lessons

Semi-Private Swim Lessons

This class is meant for 2-4 participants of similar skill level and age. Perfect for siblings or friends who want to learn together. We offer a variety of packages and payment options.

Private and Semi-Private Swim Lessons are offered at the following locations:

Downtown YMCA

90 State House Square, Hartford

Farmington Valley YMCA

97 Salmon Brook Street, Granby


9 Technology Park Drive, Putnam

Indian Valley YMCA

11 Pinney Street, Ellington

Wheeler YMCA

149 Farmington Avenue, Plainville