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Meditating the meaning of camp!
When was the last time you saw a group of kids meditating and practicing yoga at Camp Jewell? Jack Burke, our Argo coordinator, stumbled upon exactly that just last week...
My Jewell Story
Many of our long-time campers and staff had their first Camp Jewell experience during the “off season”–teambuilding, recreation and outdoor education programs we offer September through early June. Here’s one of these stories, from Shaina Provey, Utopian coordinator.
2nd Annual Y-TIP Banquet
The Y-Teen Incentive Program held its 2nd annual banquet at the Riverfront Boathouse. Families and friends gathered to celebrate the achievements of program participants and staff. Youth were recognized for their outstanding excellence in leadership, community service, academics and personal development while program leaders were acknowledged for their hard work and dedication to the success of the program. Abigail Horowitz, Shay Carmichael and Kaitlyn Keddy were presented volunteer of the year awards. Tim Baymon, former Y-TIP Coordinator, was recognized as well for his exceptional work with the program.
Camp Woodstock Collaborates with Summer Learning Initiative Camp
Parents turn onto Frog Pond Road to drop their children off for an engaging Summer Learning Initiative Camp (SLIC) at Woodstock Elementary School. Most of these children have been identified as kids who would benefit from staying in school over the summer to prevent learning loss. The children are led by Renee Suprenaunt, a well-respected and highly regarded teacher in the Woodstock community. They learn math, science, reading, music, and language arts until 11:30. Then these kids have an opportunity to join the Y community at Camp Woodstock for the afternoon where they build relationships with new faces as they swim, boat, climb, laugh, and play screaming toes.

This collaboration with our local school has provided an opportunity for children with parents who work a solution for summer childcare and the opportunity for their kids to achieve academic success at school. Most kids come from families where single parents or both parents need to work to meet day to day financial challenges. The 3 morning a week SLIC program was not an option for some of these families. Now these parents can have their kids learn at school and take advantage of the benefits of camp. We pick the children up from school on our little yellow bus 3 days a week and give the families an option for camp Monday and Friday when the SLIC program is not offered. >>>
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