This enrichment program for preschool-aged children focuses on skill development in the areas of literacy, music, art and math. Each day the children will focus on a riveting adventure to light sparks and find passions. Each session will end with a family enrichment activity.


Call us any time to see if we have spots available at 860-521-5830, or check below to see if registration is currently open!



2-4 years old



9:30-11:30am, Monday-Friday



$110 per day per session. Sessions run for 7 weeks, and you can register for 1 day or all 5!




Monday: Adventures through reading

Your child will enjoy a variety of fun and adventurous activities that will instruct them to learn, practice and comprehend the alphabet. During our time together we will tell stories, introduce characters such as Wendy the Walrus building their confidence while having fun with sounds and writing activities.


Tuesday: Let's move with music

Through music your child will share in a creative experience around sounds, rhythm and vocal melodies. The children will use a variety of instruments and create some of their own to explore different sounds.


Wednesday: Art adventures

Children will go beyond finger painting and use their imagination in this program. Your little artist will have instructional guidance creating artwork using play dough, paint, stencils and more. Each child will get a smock that they personalize during their time with us and take home.


Thursday: ABC, 123

Exploring numbers and letters can be fascinating as it is found all around us every day. Children will take their first journey into shapes, numbers and the ABCs. Through designed activities, children will identify patterns and strengthen number recognition.


Friday: Science adventure

Give your child the freedom to use their imagination! Children will learn about different animals from around the world. Students will also explore nature to discover new concepts and develop their social, emotional and language skills.