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Let's Make a Splash, Together.

Community members, along with the YMCA of Greater Hartford, are working together to create a full-service Regional Community YMCA Family Center in the Putnam community.

The intent of the Regional Community YMCA Family Center is to enrich the lives of the children, families, and active older adults we hope to serve.


What's Happening at The Y

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Local Philanthropists Betty and Laurence Hale Honored as Putnam YMCA is Named Hale YMCA Youth and Family Center

construction continues at the regional community yMCA

  • Construction on the pool started on Monday, August 10th!
  • The gymnasium and wellness center have had cement poured and the roof completed.
  • Work continues on the new bridge leading to the site of the Regional Community YMCA. The goal is for the bridge to be completed in November!

Check out this video of the construction progress provided by off camber produkshuns of putnam, ct!

The Putnam Regional Community YMCA has come one step closer to reality!
After months of hard work, the land has been conveyed from the Town of Putnam to the Y. We continue to work toward opening the doors to a brand-new YMCA, which will serve Putnam and the surrounding communities for decades to come.

Building A Dream ...

A full-service YMCA in Northeastern Connecticut is coming close to becoming a reality. It will be filled with people who live by the core values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. Their positive example, will make an enormous difference in the lives of others.

The current proposal, spear-headed by the Hale Family of Pomfret, is an idea that was conceived many years ago. Initial discussions were generated by the late Newell D. Hale, a philanthropist in the truest sense of the word, and his wife, Betty.

It was Newell's love of swimming and his strong intention to give back to the people and communities of Northeastern Connecticut that kept his dream of a "community swimming pool" alive. Although he didn't live to see his dream become more than an idea, the mantra has been taken up by his wife, Betty, and his son, Laurence.

In collaboration with the YMCA of Greater Hartford (GHYMCA), the Town of Putnam, Wheelabrator-Putnam, Inc., and the family's multitude of friends, the dream of Newell D. Hale is steadily advancing toward reality.



  (photos from top to bottom, Future Site of the Y during excavation.)

About Us
The proposed Regional Community YMCA Family Center (RCYMCA Family Center) will offer programs for every age and fitness level. It will be located at the entrance to the technology park in Putnam, CT. The RCYMCA Family Center will be a part of the YMCA of Greater Hartford, an organization with more than 158 years experience and a strong endowment. (read more)

Why the Y...Most Frequently Asked Questions
  • Who is the Y For?
  • What kind of resources will the Regional Community YMCA Family Center have?
  • Will I be able to afford membership?
  • Where will the Regional Community YMCA Family Center be located?
  • How will the Regional Community YMCA Family Center be built? 

This is exciting!  How can I receive more information?

Fast Facts
  • The Regional Community YMCA (RCYMCA) will be made possible through the collaborative efforts of the Town of Putnam, the Newell D. Hale Foundation, state agencies and private organizations and individuals. (read more)
  • Will the Regional Community YMCA be Good for Local Businesses?  The answer is a resounding YES! (read more)
  • What will interior of the building look like?  (take a sneak peak!)
  • Jim and Pat Calhoun, Honorary Co-Chairs
  • Betty Hale and Laurence Hale, Campaign Trustees
  • Campaign Leadership Team (read more)

stories From Your Community
"When I was a traveling musician, being a Y member allowed me to get exercise when I was on the road. Almost every Y has reciprocal agreements with other Y's across the country. For a small fee-- or no fee-- I was able to use Y's in nearly every town where I performed. It was a lifeline, especially for someone who spends so much time in a car," says Sally.
(read more)

The Y...A Place I Can Call Home
I was twelve years old, living in Houston, TX in a very dysfunctional household to say the least. There was not always food on the table nor money in the bank,
(read more)
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