We offer group swim lessons for ages 6 months through adulthood; private and semi-private swim lessons; water exercise classes; and certifications and trainings.


For group swim lessons, if you are unsure what level to register your child for, click below to see our progressive swimming lessons model and descriptions of the classes.


Swim Lesson Class Descriptions

Group Swim Lessons

We offer group swim lessons for children as young as 6 months, all the way through adulthood.

Private & Semi-Private Swim Lessons

Private and semi-private swim lessons are designed for people who want to have a more personal learning experience. Whether students are looking to learn on an accelerated timetable, learn better 1-on-1, can't fit any of the scheduled classes in, or have a disability, we are here to work with you!

Private and semi-private lessons are for participants ages 3 through adult.

Certifications & Training

We offer lifeguard training, lifeguard recertification, CPR and First Aid classes. Check your branch's Welcome Center for more information, and feel free to join us at any branch!

Water Exercise Classes

These popular classes are designed for the general population—all are welcome. The class participants will experience a great cardio workout while providing low-impact, muscular resistance, and a wide range of exercises.

Shallow Water Fitness

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Wake up and start your day with a comprehensive workout! This class includes stretching, toning, and core work. Feel refreshed and energized to enjoy the rest of your day! This is a great class for ALL fitness Levels!

Deep Water Cardio

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Take a load off you feet and join us in a deep water cardio class! Using a waist support, this class will release joint pressure and give you a great work out at the same time!

Aqua Arthritis

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This class uses a gentle range-of motion workout to help people with arthritis improve joint flexibility and decrease pain or stiffness through the warmth, buoyancy and gentle resistance of an aquatic environment


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Come join us for lots of upbeat music, cardio exercise and shallow water stretching! This class combines water cardio workouts, strength training with weights and noodles and end the class with some stretching and water yoga poses.


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Effective and challenging, Poolates® is soothing to the mind and spirit and gentler on joints and muscles than land-based exercises. Poolates® innovatively uses the buoyancy, resistance, and gentle movement of water to strengthen muscles, enhance flexibility and posture, sharpen coordination and balance, and relax body and soul. Poolates® - the perfect marriage of the principles of Pilates.

Aqua Zumba

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Join the pool party. This class blends everything into a safe, challenging, water-based exercise that is body toning and most of all exhilarating!