For children ages 6 months-3 years. An adult must accompany the child to class.


Level A: Children enjoy the many water-readiness activities provided by our YMCA aquatics instructors. This is one of the most important skills every child should master - feeling safe in the water. Children progress from water adjustment to basic skills while working with parents. One adult must be in the water with their child at all times.


Level B: This class, designed for children ages 2 to 3, adapts basic swimming skills to your child's developmental level including: body positions, floating, blowing bubbles, and fundamental safety and aquatics skills. One adult must be in the water with their child for a portion of the class.

Pool is located at 90 State House Square, Hartford
Pool is located at 97 Salmon Brook Street, Granby
Pool is located at 9 Technology Park Drive, Putnam
Pool is located at 11 Pinney Street, Ellington
Pool is located at the Mandell JCC, 335 Bloomfield Avenue, West Hartford
Pool is located at 149 Farmington Avenue