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March 16, 2020: Registration for the 2020 LEHY Long Cause Season is OPEN. YES/NO Meet Schedule is posted and due to Kaeley by March 25, 2020.



The health and safety of our swimmers and families are our first priorities. Starting on Monday, March 16, all of our YMCA of Greater Hartford branches will pause all classes and programs. This includes group exercise classes, youth sports, swim lessons, teams, babysitting programs (Child Watch & Amazing Kids) and more. The YMCA will reevaluate the situation, and make a decision to restart Spring 1 AND OTHER TEAMS programs by Sunday, March 29.

In addition, we are in contact with the East Hartford Public Schools as to when they plan on reopening to work on a spring swim schedule that begins earlier than planned. With new information coming in by the hour it is unrealistic to give a timeline to every scenario that could happen. We will move forward as if the CT Swimming Schedule will go on as planned, but please be ready for abrupt changes. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Kaeley at Kaeley9@comcast.net or the EH YMCA at 860-289-6612.

If you are looking to try out for the LEHY Swim Team please email Kaeley at Kaeley9@comcast.net. We will keep your contact information and notify you when we know what the new try out dates will be.



March 3, 2020: Registration is open for the 2020 LEHY Long Course Season. Please see the registration page for more information.

Results have been posted for the WHAT Invitational, 8 and under finale, CT Senior Championships, and CT Regional Championships. The entry for the Y All Star Championship has been posted.

Payment for Age Group Championships and the Y All Star Championship are due to coaches prior to the meet.


February 21, 2020: Entries have been posted for CT Senior Championships and CT Regionals Championships. Timing assignments have been posted for CT Senior Championships. Please remember to sign up for a Regional work assignment and Regional's coaches lunch. Thank you for the help!


February 7, 2020: Updates/Changes to WHAT February Invitational (February 7-9, 2020)- most updated entry has been posted, timing assignments have been posted.

Friday: move to a 3:30pm warm-up with a 4:30pm start (original was 4pm warm-up with a 5pm start).


3:30pm warm-up

4:30pm start

8:50pm end

Approximate event times (prior to scratches):

  • 500 free beings at 4:30pm and will end at approximately 7pm
  • 12 and under events: approximate start time 7pm
  • Girls 400 IM: approximate start time 7:45pm
  • Boys 400 IM: approximate start time 8:20pm
  • 12 and under 200 fly: approxmate start time 8:45pm

500 swimmers with a time under 6 minutes should be at the pool by 3:30 pm. 500 swimmers with a time over 6 should be at the pool by 4:15 pm (in the water warming up by 4:30 pm). 12 and unders (not swimming the 500 free) should be at the pool by 5:30pm. 13 and overs swimming the 400 IM (not in the 500 free) should be at the pool by 6pm.

If you are scratching Friday night please let Kaeley know if advance so I can put the scratches in and you can show up at the above times.



Saturday Afternoon (12 and under session) move to a 12pm warm-up with a 1pm start time (original was 11:45am warm-up with 12:45pm start time).

Results have been posted for the 8 and under Y State Championships.

Volunteer work assignments sign up for Regional Championships has been posted. Please remember, we are hosting this meet and all families are expected to volunteer to work at least one full session. Swimmers not swimming Regionals well be expected to work one session in addition to their family requirement.

Raffle Basket Sign Up: there is a link to let us know what you will be donating as a raffle basket for the Annual Regional Raffle. All proceeds from the raffle directly go to helping the team.


2020 LEHY LC Registration- opens Tuesday, February 18, 2020. Information for the 2020 LEHY LC season has been posted. Registration opens February 18. Please feel free to share this information with anyone interested in our program.


January 30, 2020:Results have been posted for the HHAC Distance Meet, HHAC Invitational, HMST 8u Quadrathon, and 13 and over Y State Championships. Timing assignments have been posted for 8 and under Y State Championships. The meet announcement has been posted for CT Age Group Championships.

Coach Ed's Challenge! Coach Ed has challenged the swimmers to a food drive collection. It is the middle school vs. the high school, but everyone wins, because Coach Ed said he would match whatever is donated by Thursday, January 31.

Entry sign ups for Championships are fast approaching. Please remember, if your swimmer is not signed up for the meet they will not be entered. This includes Regional Championships, the meet we are hosting.

The Nikki In Spirit, In Courage Award nomination form is not available. CLICK HERE for the nomination form. If you need an electronic copy of the nomination form to complete please email Kaeley at kaeley9@comcast.net. All nominations are due to Kaeley by Monday, March 2, 2020. Learn more about the award here.


January 24, 2020: Timing assignments have been posted for the HHAC Invite and 9-12 Y State Championships. The meet announcement and sign up deadline has been posted for the CT Senior Invite (March 5-8, 2020). This meet will be in LCM. Championship entries have been updated at the pool.


January 21, 2020: 9-12 Y State Championships in Cheshire (1/25-26/2020)

The warm up times have been changed for the 11/12 sessions on Saturday and Sunday for the 9-12 Y State Championships in Cheshire: 11-12 Year Old Swimmers:

Saturday/Sunday - Warm up 9 am/10 am start

9-10 Year Old Swimmers: Saturday/Sunday - Warm up 1 pm/2 pm start


WHAT Invitational entry has been updated.


January 20, 2020: SAVE THE DATE: LEHY Banquet and Senior Recognition Friday, April 24, 2020

Time- will not begin before 5:00 pm


Deadlines for Championships are coming up. Please remember, if you are not signed up you will not be entered. Entries will be updated. What is hanging up is not the most updated entry. If you have questions about whether or not your child has qualified for something please talk to your swimmer's coach.



We host Regional Championships and it is a big fundrAIser for us. Please make sure you pay attention to emails sent by Laura McLaughlin to sign up for work assignments. Reminder that any swimmer who IS NOT swimming Regionals (swimmers with full compliment of Age Group events, high school boys, etc) are expected to work one session of Regionals. Swimmers will be doing heat winners, running the raffle and more. Hours can be used for community service. There will also be emails coming for concessions donations and coach's lunch.



We will be doing a raffle for the Regional Championships! This raffle is always a BIG success. A lot of families get together to create wonderful baskets. Each day we will have different raffle prizes. Here are some examples from the past:

- movie baskets

- kids toy basket

- swimming baskets (including suits, towels, goggles, swim bags, shirts, etc)

- girl's activity baskets (beading projects, journals, nails stuff, etc)

- gift cards baskets (these can sometimes be individual or multiple gift cards)

- candy baskets

- lottery ticket baskets

- beauty care baskets

- coffee baskets

- chocolate baskets

- Build a Bears (quite popular)

And the list goes on and on. I have a lot of items already that I have been saving over the year so even individual items are helpful for me to round out baskets. GIFT CARDS are always a big hit. Popular Gift Cards:




-Build a Bear

-Restaurants (chains not local because we never know where the teams we are hosting are coming from in the state)


-Stop and Shop



January 15, 2020: The work assignments for the 13 and over Y State Championships have been posted. The correct meet announcement has been posted for the HHAC Invite.


January 14, 2020: Entries have been posted for the 13/over Y State Championships, 9-12 Y State Championships, 8 and under Y State Championships, and the WHAT Invitational in February.


January 7, 2020: Results have been posted from the OAK Centennial Distance Meet and Invitational. The HHAC Invite has been updated. The distance meet for the HHAC Invite now reflects only one event per swimmer as requested by the team. The 9-12 CT Y State Championship entry has been posted.

LEHY ANNUAL BOWLING PARTY- The LEHY Annual Bowling Party will be on Monday, January 20, 2020 from 11:30 am-1:30 pm at Bowl-A-Rama in Newington. Please read the attached flyer. RSVP date is Monday, January 13, 2020.


January 2, 2020: Timing assignments for the OAK meet have been posted.


December 30: Practice calendars have been posted for January through March for both pools. The WHAT distance meet and Invite entry has been posted.


December 20: The SC meet schedule has been updated to include the LCM CT Senior Invite and has the correct location of Age Groups. In addition, the Senior Invite has been added to the list of meets. Meet Sign Up Deadlines and meet entries have been posted for CT Regional Championships and CT Senior Championships.


December 18: The holiday practice schedule for the middle school and high school has been posted. ALL PRACTICES OVER THE HOLIDAY BREAK WILL BE AT THE HIGH SCHOOL.

The entries the OAK Centennial Distance Meet and Invitational in January has been posted. The entry for the NCA 8 and under meet in January has been posted. Results from the MIT and UCONN Invites are posted.


December 11: Work assignments have been posted for the UCONN Holiday Invite and MIT Invitational. Meet results have been posted for the LEHY Quad meet and the CDOG 10 and under meet.


December 9: Results have been posted for the Wilton Thanksgiving Invite. The entry for the LEHY quad meet has been posted. MIT entry has been updated and finalized.


December 2: NO PRACTICE TODAY. East Hartford Public Schools have cancelled all after school activities today (12/2) due to the weather.


November 26: The practice calendar the the middle school has been updated. The original calendar showed practice on 11/28 and 11/29 (Thanksgiving Day and the day after). There are NO PRACTICES at EHMS or EHHS on those days. Sorry for the confusion. The buildings are closed those days.

The results for the HHAC Quadrathon and Pentathlon have been posted. Cut off times have been added for the 2020 CT Age Group Championships and CT Regional Championships.


November 19: Timing assignments have been posted for the Wilton Thanksgiving Invite this weekend. There are changes to the warm-up times for the Wilton Thanksgiving Invite:

Friday: No changes, it will be run in 2 pools for the 13 and over session

Saturday and Sunday AM Session (13 and overs): NO CHANGE

Saturday and Sunday PM Session (12 and unders): 12pm warm-up

Saturday Finals: NO CHANGE

Sunday Finals: 4:30pm warm-up


The LEHY Championship Time Standards Page has been updated. CT 14 and under Age Group Championships will be held at Chelsea Piers in Stamford.


November 14: Timing assignments have been posted for the HHAC Pentathlon on November 16. 

SAVE THE DATE: Friday, April 24, 2020 will be the LEHY Banquet and Senior Recognition. We will be celebrating our 2019-2020 SC season and our graduating seniors. More information to follow as the date gets closer.


November 8: Results from the LEHY vs CDOG dual meet have been posted. Work assignments for the CAC Fall Invite have been posted. Please remember the time change for the 13 and over sessions on Saturday and Sunday. It is a 2:15 pm warm up with a 3:20 start. In addition, please remember to sign up for meets. Deadlines are approaching quickly!!!


November 1: The CAC Fall Invitational at Wesleyan University has had some changes to the 13 and over sessions on Saturday and Sunday; the new warm-up time will be 2:15pm, and the start time will be 3:20pm.

In addition, the meet entry for the CDOG dual meet and MIT have been posted. Timing assignments for the CDOG dual meet has been posted. Results from the Aquafest have been posted.


October 25: Here are the warm up and start times for the LEHY vs CDOG Dual meet on Saturday, November 2:

Warm up: 9am

Start: 10:30am

Location: Cheshire Community Pool, 520 S. Main Street, Cheshire, CT


October 24: The meet announcement page has been updated with results and entries.


October 21: Meet announcements and sign up deadlines for entries have been posted for meets in January through March. Please note that sign up deadlines are well before the meet. We need to insure we are accepted. The OAK meet on January 3-5, 2020 will now be open to all swimmers, not just 9-12 year old swimmers. Please be aware that most of the sign up deadlines are prior to the end of high school girls season.


October 18: Sign up list for the Aquafest has been posted on the Meet Schedule page. Entry for the UConn meet in December has also been posted.


October 16: Meet Schedule page has been updated. Timing assignments for the SYS dual meet have been posted.


October 11: The meet schedule page has been updated with many entries.


October 4: Registration for the 2019-2020 Short Course season is now closed.


September 24: Practice at East Hartford Middle School will end at 6:30pm on Friday, September 27 due to the pizza party. Plan accordingly.


September 19: The 2019-2020 SC Meet Schedule has been updated. In addition, meet entry sign-up deadlines have been added to all meets up through December. High school girls are expected to sign up even though they are in their high school season.


September 17: Meet schedule page has been updated.


September 12: Dates have been corrected on the LEHY Meet Schedule. Please check the Meet Schedule page for an updated list of meets (with correct dates) that LEHY will be attending. Meet announcements will be hung up at the pool today and meet entries with sign up deadlines to sign up for meets will be posted soon. Information about signing up for meets will be emailed out to families.


September 11: September 25, suit up at EHMS from 4:30-6:00 pm. Metro Swim Shop will be on site for help with sizing. Please have an order form with you and completed if possible. CLICK HERE for the Metro Swim Shop order form.

CLICK HERE for the LEHY Apparel order form. Apparel order forms are due to Coach Ed or Kaeley by Friday, September 28th. Clothing samples.

Please RSVP (by September 23) for the LEHY Pizza Party and Parent Information Meeting. New families are STRONGLY encouraged to attend. A lot of important LEHY information will be discussed. CLICK HERE for the direct link to the RSVP.


September 3: Lots of announcements!

  1. LEHY try-outs are Wednesday, September 5 and Thursday, September 6. Swimmers only need to attend one of the days.
  2. DIRECTIONS TO EHMS: If you GPS East Hartford Middle School it will take you to the front of the building (on Burnside Ave). The entrance to the pool is around the corner on Scotland Road. If you are at the front of the building go to the exit, take a left and then a left at the stoplight. This is Scotland Road. The entrance to the pool will be your next left. You will see the middle school sports fields. Any questions please call Kaeley at 860-614-2008.
  3. Tentative 2019-2020 SC Meet Schedule has been posted.
  4. LEHY Suit Up date- Wednesday, September 25 from 4:30-6pm at EHMS.
  5. VOLUNTEERS: We are a volunteer organization and we need your help to continue to keep our program great!!! What do we need?
    • OFFICIALS: We always need parents to step up and become USA Swimming Officials. It is a great way to learn about the sport and be right on the pool deck. Any LEHY official would be happy to talk to you about the process and I will snd out information about clinics as it becomes available. Time and again, our officials have stepped up to help at meets and keep our timing assignments to a minimum.
    • PARENTS WILLING TO LEARN TIMING SYSTEM (COLORADO): Best seat in the house at a swim meet! This is the equipment that runs the timing system at our meets. We need people to train and learn the system. We have experienced people who are ready to teach you. It is not difficult and a MUCH needed position when hosting our meets.
    • PARENTS WILLING TO LEARN THE COMPUTER SYSTEM: Collects all the data from the meet and is a pretty easy system to use once you know it. People can learn it in one weekend! WE have experienced people who are ready to teach you!
  6. Championship Meet Requirements for 2020 CT Championships:
    • Regionals Championships- Compete in a minimum of 1 CT Sanctioned Meet
    • Age Group Championships- Compete in a minimum of 1 CT Sanctioned meet
    • CT Senior Championships- no meet requirement
  7. Meet requirement for CT Scholar Athlete for 2019-2020 will most like be as followed: Applicant must have participated in an individual event in the summer 2019 Long Course Connecticut Senior Championship meet or the 2020 February Connecticut Senior Championship. Applicants also may qualify if they participated in two (2) regularly scheduled CSI sanctioned meets during the 2019 long course season and three (3) regularly scheduled CSI sanctioned meets during the 2019-2020 short course season. Information for 2019-2020 is not out yet for scholar athlete, but here is the link from this years so you can see what it will be like.


August 5: Registration Information for the 2019-2020 LEHY Short Course season has been posted on the Registration Information page.


April 15: CONGRATULATIONS to Coach Ed!

national award


Coach Ed was named the 2019 YMCA Coach of the Year for the Short Course National Championship, a national honor!


Coach Ed has been with the East Hartford YMCA for 33 years, growing the team from 17 swimmers to more than 120 each year. Coach Ed is there for the team members in and out of the pool, helping them with his "Nickles for Nationals" fundraiser to help kids raise money to get to YMCA Nationals; fix their bicycles; leading them in neighborhood clean-up projects, and so much more.


In the nomination submitted, a former swimmer, who is now a team parent and coach, spoke about the sense of family that Coach Ed creates by making each individual feel valued as an important part of the whole.


Thank you to Coach Ed for his tireless service to our YMCA community!



lookforit.com - Great resource for our swimmers looking to continue swimming in college. This website will show you all you need to know about almost every college program out there and where you would fit into those programs.