Articles of Interest

To see MANY interesting articles go to Swim Swam or Swimming World Magazine. Most of the articles below are from these websites.

Video: Do You Really Need a Sports Drink to Be Like Mike?

Video: Most Common Mistake in Freestyle - USE YOUR LEGS!

Female Athletes and Body Image

6 Things to Think About Next Time you Stumble With Your Swimming

10 Reasons Why I am Thankful to be a Swim Parent

How do I stay Motivated to Train Hard

Rethinking Goal Setting for Swimming

5 Questions to Ask Yourself to Swim Faster in 2017

What's the Best Advice for New Swim Parents?

Have a Bad Workout? Remember These 5 Things

11 Tips for Swim Parents About Really, Really Bad Swims

Recovery Strategies for Athletes

Three Things Parents can and Cannot Control

How Badly Do You Want It?

Can You Swim Faster by Caring Less?

Why I Swim

7 Reasons Why It Is Important to go to Swim Meets

6 Reasons you Are Not Seeing Success In Your Swimming

Yoga For Swimmers (Video)

Simple Shoulder Exercises to Prevent Injury (Video)

5 Things Your Swimming Coach Shouldn't be Doing

5 Things You Will Never Hear a Successful Swimmer Say

7 Self Defeating Thoughts Swimmers Need to Drop

5 Habits of the Mentally Tough Swimmer

7 Ways to Swim Fearlessly in 2015-2016

How to Balance Swimming and School

Conquering Anxiety in Swimming

8 Swim Mom Tips to Survive and Soar

How to Have a Better "Bad" Swim Practice

9 Things You Can Learn From Your Swim Coach

15 Signs You are an Awesome Teammate

7 Things your Swim Coach Wants You to Know

12 Parent Tips on How to Behave at Swim Practice

3 Common Training Roadblocks and How to Get Through Them

Swimming: A Lesson in Life
- Written by LEHY Alum, Andrew Jackwin

How to Hyper-Streamline in Swimming Instead of Simple Swimming
- A MUST WATCH for all swimmers!  Streamline is important!!!

7 Things Swimmers Need to Know About Staying Motivated

5 Ways to Prepare for your Championships Swim Meet

How to Use Regret to Swim Faster and Smarter

5 Tips for High School Swimmers to get Recruited

A Parent's Role in the College Recruiting Process

A Letter to High School Swimmers Who "Aren't Good Enough" to Swim in College
- Don't sell yourself short!  There is a college program for every level swimmer!

Swimming from a Non-Swimmer Perspective

Set Your Goals Easier and Not Bigger
-Great article about how goals should not all be set for the pool!

5 Hard Choices to Swim Successfully

One Bad Tweet Can Be Costly to a Student Athlete

The Pool Belongs to Those Who Show Up

6 Things Swimmers Need to Stop Telling Themselves

7 Strategies for Battling Pre-race Anxiety

9 Questions to ask a College Swimming Coach

Being a Swim Team Parent- section of USA Swimming that is updated with great articles for parents on a regular basis.

The Ten Commandments for Swim Team Parents

A Few Suggestions- an older article but still a lot of great points!

Nutrition Information from USA Swimming: Nutrition Expert in 60 Minutes
What should I eat after practice?

Why should I warm down? After a race or intense practice lactate acid continues to build in your muscles. We, the coaches, tell you the importance of cooling/warming down all the time, but now you can see through the charts below just how important cooling down is for muscle recovery.
Active (cooling down) vs. Passive (no cool down, shower, etc) Recovery 
How much should I cool down?

Websites of Interest 
- find all the information you need about upcoming meets and so much more.
- official site of YMCA National Swimming and Diving
- see everything that is going on in the world of USA Swimming.  Track your best times, see national motivational times, follow USA Swimming National Team members and more.  There is also a lot of information for parents on this page under the Members Resource sections.  In addition you can watch videos of stroke and technique training.

You Tube- you tube has some wonderful videos for swimmers to watch on everything from stroke technique to starts so world class races.  It also has wonderful videos on dryland training for all levels.  With all this information at your fingertips take advantage of the opportunity.
A website for swimmers looking to swim in college.  You can compare your times to colleges in all divisions and all over the country.
Great resource for the college bound athlete.  Has checklists for student athletes grades 9-12 to help keep them on track.  Also has information about NCAA Academic Eligibility and more!

LEHY Video Collection

Below is a list of DVD's for our swimmers to watch in the comfort of home. They are all recently done and filled with excellent information. If you would like to borrow one, please email Coach Kaeley. Swimmers will be able to borrow the DVD's for one week at a time.

Core Body Strength Training,USA Swimming
Outside the Box: Open Water Swimming, USA Swimming
Posture, Line, & Balance: The Foundation of Championship Winning Swimming, Richard Quick and Milt Nelms
Go Swim: Butterfly with Misty Hyman
Go Swim: Backstroke with Aaron Peirsol
Go Swim: Freestyle with Jason Lezak