humans of the y

Our next #HumansoftheY story is an inspiration for all families using our facilities! Thank you Shantelle for your family's part in helping to make the Wilson-Gray YMCA Youth and Family Center such a great place to spend time together!

"I enjoy coming here, and my kids are members--they use the playground outside. I love that it’s something for the community, something to help keep the kids out the streets, somewhere for them to go. Something that I like about the playground here is that it’s a small, enclosed area. Me and my children try to keep the area clean. When we come to the park before they go and play, they have to do one round with a garbage bag picking up trash, and then leave that on the fence so that other people can see what they’re doing, and maybe not think not to throw something on the floor, but to throw it in the garbage bag. We have to take care of where we play."

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