humans of the y

Greg has a unique weightloss journey -- after losing a lot of weight, he's now working to put it back on!

"About two years ago I was 400-my max was 400 pounds, that was my biggest. I started working out, playing soccer, doing a bit of cardio, and I went all the way down from 400 to 185, basically got all the body fat off of me so I could start from scratch. Then I started coming here to the Y and bodybuilding, and went up to 240. I was doing a lot of heavy lifting, and added cardio to tone up and trim up. Now I'm down to 196, 5 to 10% body fat.

"It's been a strenuous process, but the diet is key. You can come here to the Y every day, but you cannot work off a bad diet.

"One of the biggest things I've gotten out of coming to the gym besides weight loss and bulking up is relationships. I usually keep to myself most of the time, but the most active that I am is in this gym. I've met a ton of new friends, new associates that I see outside the gym now."