humans of the y

Our next #HumansoftheY story comes from quite the accomplished bowler out of the Hale YMCA Youth and Family Center! Abby and 3 teammates recently returned from the Special Olympics in Seattle, where they earned a gold medal in the team bowling competition! Abby also won an individual silver, and came in fourth for couples. Congrats Abby!

“We started training in January for the Special Olympics. We didn’t care what place we came, but we ended up doing really well. It was a good trip. We didn’t know he was going to do this, but when we got on the plane, the pilot announced that our team was on board and everyone clapped for us. Our team won the gold medal in the team event. We were down by 22 pins and we came back to win! In the doubles we got fourth. My favorite part of the trip was meeting people and making new friends. On the way home, we were looking up all our new friends on Facebook and posting pictures and funny comments. The next Special Olympics will be in 2022 in Orlando and I hope to compete in bowling again.”

Locations: Hale YMCA
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