MX4 & MX4 Active Small Group Training classes are now open for registration. This boutique-style, national program offers over 150 structured workouts designed for all abilities, and, more importantly, designed to fit in your schedule. These 30 or 45 minute classes will get you motivated with a small group that will keep you accountable and having fun as you participate in new work outs every week.



What is the difference between MX4 & MX4 Active?


MX 4 MX 4 Active
30-minute classes 45-minute classes
Great for a person who is limited on time and looking for a great work out Designed with people over 45 years old in mind
Great for a person who is looking to jump-start their fitness Designed for de-conditioned people who are overweight, sedentary, or recovering
For a person who wants to work HARD Designed for a person coming back from an injury


MX4 & MX4 Active Class Schedules


Class Day Time Instructor
MX4 Monday 8:15am Jesse
Active Monday 1:00pm Ginny
MX4 Tuesday 5:15am Sarah
Active Tuesday 9:00am Sean N.
MX4 Tuesday 10:00am Sean N.
Active Tuesday 11:00am Jesse
MX4 Tuesday 6:30pm Ginny
Active Wednesday 9:00am Kate
MX4 Wednesday 9:45am Kristin
MX4 Wednesday 5:30pm Richard
MX4 Thursday 5:15am Kate
Active Thursday 8:30am (Rotates)
MX4 Thursday 10:00am Sean N.
Active Thursday 11:00am Jesse
MX4 Thursday 6:30pm Sarah
MX4 Friday 6:30am Sean M.
MX4 Friday 9:30am Jesse



"The new MX4 program at the Y has been an amazing addition to my workout routine. During these high intensity workouts I hit on all facets of any good workout: power, endurance and cardio. At the end of the day, I know that I have completed a challenging workout where I sweat, burn calories and most importantly feel strong and accomplished in a short period of time." -Kendra 


"With MX4 Active classes for active older adults, I found my niche and I want to continue exercising after not having so in many years. Classes are appropriately challenging, adaptive, inclusive and, most importantly they are held in a community setting. All economic, health challenged, strength groups are honored at the Y! My physical strength after only 4 classes has improved, my attitude has improved and I look forward to coming to class every week!" -Claudia