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Wheeler Regional Family YMCA Day Camp (Grades K-8th)


Teen Camps are adventure camps specifically for students entering 6th through 8th grade.
Teens will take field trips at least two times per week to places that have been selected based upon their capability to teach the group leadership skills, social and cultural awareness, community service, and working together. The other days will be dedicated to activities on-site related to the theme of that week. Some of the field trips may include the following destinations: YMCA Camps, local attractions, CT State Parks, movies, and much more!

All field trips are included with price of camp, with the exception of a small number of trips. For more information on this or any of our Teen Camp field trips, please contact Director Tim Gabbard at
Since some of the field trips will not last for the entire camp day, there will be other scheduled activities to engage each camper’s spirit, mind and body such as: sports activities, group games, team building, and recreational swimming at the Wheeler Regional Family YMCA.
Fees: $300 per 1 week session (3 field trips included)
Teen Camp Sessions
Have you ever tried a new sport? Learn some new skills for a lifetime of fun and activity!
1 Week Session (Week 1)
Enjoy making something out of nothing? In Construction Camp, campers will be given a hands-on opportunity to design and build projects around
1 week session (Week 2)
Fulfill your sense of adventure by trying new and different things! Trips this week may include Flight, laser tag, hiking, and an amusement park. Time
at Teen Camp will include an adventure race, low ropes, and adventure archery.
1 Week Session (Week 3)
You will enjoy a week of water activities, and sports, and learn more about water safety while visiting aquatic attractions.
1 week session (Week 4)
Calling all chefs! Join us for five days of cooking camp with themes such as: Chopped, Snack Attack, Family Favorites, and more! Learn the necessary
culinary skills to make fun food and take over the kitchen.
1 week session (Week 5)
Learn more about what our state has to offer and visit some local destinations.
1 week session (Week 6)
Campers will have the opportunity to see the world through a different lens, as they learn to capture the world around them in a variety of new and
exciting ways. Campers will work together to write, film, photograph, edit, and produce a short movie, as well as create a photo display.
1 Week Session (Week 7)
Enjoy and find out new ways to express yourself in our Art Camp. Campers will be given the opportunity to learn skills and techniques to recreate
their imagination and their world around them.
1 week session (Week 8)
Do you have what it takes to be a great baker? This week will include creating cakes, Cupcake Wars, cookie favorites, making breads and desserts.
1 week session (Week 9)
Campers will get to try all of their favorite activities from all weeks of the summer!
1 week session (Week 10) 

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