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How We Roll (Restorative Yoga)

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Health & Wellness Education, Workshops and Screenings

Just like any other fitness goal, the art of relaxation and restoration takes time and practice. Performance and overall bodily health can be improved when there is increased focus on working towards recovery. Learn how to alleviate tension in your muscles and in your mind by blending the deeper stretches of Yin Yoga with foam rolling self-massage for muscle recovery, flexibility and peak performance. A deep yet simple method for easing muscle pain and alleviating stress in your daily life.  Grab your friends and let out a few collective grunts as you help your body stay healthy for the long haul. Limited to 12 participants. The Benefits of RR Yoga Recovery & Rehydration of muscles Increased flexibility Pain & injury release Therapeutic movement Restoration of proper movement patterns Enhance physical performance Deeper experience of mind-body peace.

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