Carnival Fun at Camp Dakota

Posted on 8/7/15 by Jordan Long

We had quite the fun-filled session at Camp Dakota during Carnival week! The campers played games, created some beautiful art, and participated in literacy activities involving the carnival theme all week. They made paper clowns and carnival games during their arts & crafts blocks. Campers also made carnival webbing maps in literacy.

On Friday the gym was turned into an indoor carnival. There were many fun activities for the campers to participate in. Some of the favorites were: a ring toss game, archery, cup stacks, and a “knock it down” game. There were tickets given out to the campers for each game they won. At the end the campers were able to trade in their tickets for prizes.

Aside from the games, there was cotton candy, popcorn, and smoothies available for the campers to enjoy. Face painting and temporary tattoos were also an option that the campers were able to partake in. Campers and counselors truly enjoyed the fun and magical atmosphere that the gym transformed into and carnival week was a big success!

Written by Sarah Ralston



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