LIT Highlight

Posted on 8/17/15 by Andreas McCain

Christine Bapiste, 13, attends East Hartford Middle School. She is a student of many interests and talents, including reading biography and mystery books. She has been playing the baritone for seven years and has been a girl scout for four years. Christine has exhibited the Y core values with such joy and ease; her enthusiasm and eagerness to be a part of the program is evident. At camp, Christine worked with a group of 4+5 year olds called the Explorers. She took on the task and exceeded our expectations. She even asked to continue working after the scheduled time! Christine is always willing to help out and go the extra mile.
"I love the experience of working with the kids and influencing their behavior. Also I think the LIT program has help me to be a better leader so that I can make an impact on my community.”

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