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1. Pike / Pike 2 (Ages 3-5)

This class is designed for children ages 3 to 5 years.  The child will concentrate on becoming more comfortable in the water, getting their face wet, blowing bubbles, floating on their fronts and backs with assistance, and working with lesson equipment independently.
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1A. Pike 1 (Ages 3-5)

The class is designed for the beginner who had never taken swim lessons.  This class will acclimate swimmers to the pool as well as basic skills such as blowing bubbles, back float, learning to kick and arm scoops, and swimming short distances.  Children may wear floats.
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2. Eel (Ages 3-5)

This level is for children ages 3 to 5 who are now swimming more independently minimizing the use of the waist support. The child can get their face wet, kick independently, floats on front and back comfortably with or without assistance. Continues to improve on glides, arm movements, kicking, and safety in and around water.
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2.A EEl 2

Intermediate level for children who have completed eel 1 or other swim lessons. Children work on more advanced swim strokes for front and back, safety, self-confidence, and endurance. Children begin rotary breathing for freestyle. Children swim independently with float belt (1 bubble) or without a belt
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3. Ray (Ages 3-5)

This level is for the child who can swim without a waist support and is comfortable on their front and back in deep water with and without equipment. Performs rhythmic breathing, floats on their back, and can transition from a back float to a front position to swim the width of the pool.
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4. Starfish (Ages 3-5)

This level is for the child who can swim front crawl, back crawl and on their side. The swimmer should demonstrate endurance and comfort in the water. They will refine their diving and safety skills.
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Preschool Swim Lessons

In an effort to make registration easier, all you have to do is choose the age group and the time you'd like to come to class - we will separate all swimmers according to their swim levels and we will track and monitor their progression. 
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