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Adult Beginner

Students will develop comfort in the water. They will learn how to swim-float-swim, front glides, back floats, and exits. Students will also work on jump, push, turn, grab.
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Adult Intermediate

Students will learn basic strokes including, front crawl and backstroke. 

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adult stroke clinic

Fundamentals of the formal strokes reviewed. Strengthening strokes, building endurance, swim workouts .
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Masters Swimming (18 years and up)

This program is for adults ages 18 and over who are interested in training for triathlons or just want to improve their swimming ability and stay in shape.  Swimmers will be given a workout based on ability and goals.  You will be able to work with a coach to develop a swimming program that will help you reach your personal goals.  

Prerequisites:  Participants must be able to swim 50 yards (2 laps) freestyle and backstroke.
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Private Swim Lessons

Private lessons allow for accelerated learning due to the one-on-one student-to-teacher ratio. Register at facility or by phone.
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Semi-Private Swim Lessons

This class is meant for 2 - 4 participants of similar skill level and age. Perfect for siblings or husband and wife who want to learn together.
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