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Aqua Boot Camp

Pool boot camp offers a vigorous, spirited workout in the pool with a playful boot camp theme. Be prepared to get in great shape in the low impact environment of the water.
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Aqua Interval

Put an end to your stressful day with the perfect blend of strength training, cardio, and camaraderie. This thorough workout in shallow water incorporates the use of barbells, and noodles to tone muscles and raise the heart rate while still allowing for friendly conversation. This class meets in the multi-purpose pool.
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Aquatic Step

A step class using the water to act as a moderate height step and concentrate on cardio vascular endurance, coordination, and muscle strength. This is sure to be an ultimate toning workout!
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Deep Water Cardio

Take a load off your feet and join us in a deep water cardio class in the lap pool. Using a waist support, this class will relieve pressure on your joints while still giving you an invigorating workout. Your instructor will guide you through a series of strength building and cardio exercises
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Gentle Joints (warm pool)

This class uses a gentle range of motion workout to help people with arthritis improve joint flexibility and decrease paind or stiffness through the warmth, buoyancy and gentle resistance of an aquatic environment.
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Hydro Running

Hydro Running is a modified, non-impact form of running done in place in deep water wearing a flotation belt (no swimming is involved). It entails simulating running motions with your arms and legs using the water as resistance to add challenge to the workout. Routines learned in class mimic land running and include imagined cross country courses, interval training, hill pacing, sprints and speed work. 
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Warm Water Conditioning (warm pool)

Based around the principals of traditional water exercise but done at a lower intensity. Working through full range of motion with light and easy aerobic moves, this class will help increase flexibility adn balance with minimal joint stress.
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Water Fitness

This very popular class is designed for the general population—all are welcome. The class participant will experience a great cardio workout while providing low-impact, muscular resistance and a wide range of exercises.
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